L.A Barbers: A single mother’s story

27 Aug

Liza Kane was a young single mother with little work experience.  Once her daughter started school she decided it was time to think about her career, and put herself first after years of nappies, playgroups, and missed nights out!  She went to college and trained as a hairdresser, started small working “mobile” from her own home as well as her clients’.  She built up her skills and client base, spotted a gap in the market, and went for it – she now runs a barbershop in Dawlish, Devon.  Read on to hear her story in her own words:

“As a young single mother, I struggled with the mounting costs of my daughter going in and out of childminders before and after school, whilst I worked in a very unwanted office job.  I decided to get qualified in something I was passionate about, would fit around my daughter’s schooling, and would ultimately pay the bills!

I attended a weekly evening class at South Devon College and studied Hairdressing, qualifying in 2yrs to level 3.  This was brilliant and enabled me to build up my mobile hairdressing client base around the local area.

After a while, my knowledge in the industry grew and I wanted to branch out into a more specialist field, so I enrolled back at college on a childrens hair cutting and barbering course.  From here I found my real passion for hair, I also realised a great shortage of good kids hairdressers and barbers in the local area.  I felt it was the right time to branch out and take the leap into premises.

In January of this year (2012), I teamed up with Amanda, who also has young children, and we opened L.A Barbers in Dawlish, launching a traditional barbers with a modern twist. We are a team of female barbers specialising in male and kids cuts.  We take the drama out of first hair cuts and trims by using our racing car hair cutting chair, keeping the little ones happy!

L.A Barbers has had huge success in our first 8 months and we have had positive comments and support from everyone.  We recently began stocking head lice repellent gels and detanglers, we are now catering for ladies and are looking forward to our future!”

For more information, check out the L.A Barbers’ Facebook page.

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