Shake Shake Shake!

4 Mar

If ever anyone needed evidence of just how powerful Facebook can be, this is it.  How else could you ever hope to get hundreds of strangers together in fancy dress on a freezing cold day?!

On 22nd February 2013, a Facebook event was created by two people wanting to do their own seaside version of the Harlem Shake videos that are so popular on Youtube.  They were hoping to get around 50 people to get together ten days later on the Den in Teignmouth to create their video.  Within a few days, more than 2000 people had been invited, and over 500 had put themselves as “Attending” on the Facebook event page.

Sunday 3rd March came round, as bitterly cold as the week leading up to it, but by 4.00pm hundreds of people had gathered on the den ready to shake!  Not that there had ever been any doubts that the weather would put anyone off, this is a town where hundreds of people voluntarily run into the sea every year on Boxing Day!

Boxing day walk into the sea 2012

It was brilliantly organised, and came together really smoothly.  OPSW’s Chloe and Amie are in the group of boring/normal people sat on the grass at the beginning – fame!


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    Have you seen this Harlem Shake video yet? Filmed in local Teignmouth.

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