Who Will Save Us?

11 Mar

Year 6 pupils at Shaldon School have been busy developing their enterprise skills whilst developing their environmental awareness.  Pupils will be selling the beautiful, informative, and inspiring book “Who Will Save Us?” by Rebecca Morch in the school hall on Thursday 14th March from 8.30 – 10am.  They will be serving teas and coffees, and running a raffle with first prize a beautiful original painting by the author – donated in recognition of Shaldon being the first school to get her innovative project off the ground.

The funds raised on Thursday will go towards creating and installing a greenhouse made of recycled plastic bottles.  This is in conjunction with Ease – the eco-building company who created the Eden Project, and Shaldon’s fantastic Cafe Ode at Ness Cove – which has been named Sustainable Restaurant of the Year 2013.

Who Will Save Us? is a book written and published by Rebecca Morch.  It follows a group of young penguins learning about the world.  They discover the impacts of climate change on their own world and ours.


‘The Who Will Save Us? Children’s and Young People’s Project’ gives children the opportunity to sell the book themselves, to raise money to spend on their own environmental projects.  As well as spreading the climate change message, the children and young people involved are gaining valuable business skills. 

How does the project work?

Schools buy a minimum of 30 books.  The funds for this need to be raised to begin with – for example by approaching the school’s governers for a loan.  This involves putting together a business proposal.

They then need to sell the books – for example as part of a school fayre.  This involves creativity, organisation, marketing and sales skills.

Once they have sold all the books they need to decide how to spend the profits (£75 profit if they sell 30 books).  This could be spent on things like creating a garden in the school, buying a water butt or compost bin, or even solar panels for the school.

Over 50 schools have taken part in this scheme so far.

In Rebecca’s own words:

My thought is, that if I change the running of my own life, I am living by example to my son and other people, who then, hopefully, will grow up to be naturally planet-aware and responsible beings.

My belief is, that every species has a right to live on this planet.

My hope is, that you will enjoy the book, and it will inspire and empower you in some way.

One Response to “Who Will Save Us?”

  1. opportunityplussw March 15, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    The school raised over £180 at this sale yesterday!

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