Flexible Learning – Make the Most of Distance Learning.

23 Feb

Distance learning allows you to study at your own pace and when it is convenient to you, meaning you can fit it around work or family commitments. However, it can take time to get to grips with learning at home and by yourself. These top tips will ensure you make the most of your distance learning experience.

1) Try one of our Work Bites. These short, simple courses give you a basic introduction to distance learning, and give you the opportunity to see if you are suited to this style of learning before committing to a more in-depth course.

2) Use the support available to you. Don’t struggle by yourself, use support groups and stay in touch with your tutor if you are finding the work too much or need any additional support. Try to find a friend who is also doing some distance learning and study together.

3) Create a study area for yourself. Get everything you need ready and remove anything that’s not related to your course and could cause a distraction.

4) Set yourself targets and reward yourself when you meet them. It might just be treating yourself to a cup of tea once you’ve finished a difficult question, or it could be booking a meal at your favourite restaurant after you’ve completed a tricky assignment.

5) Create a study planner – set yourself proper times to study (including breaks) and give yourself specific, achievable tasks to do each time you study.

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