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Beauty Bite: Winter Nail Art

16 Dec

Step-by-Step Freehand Snowflake

The temperature has certainly dropped over the past couple of weeks; why not match your nails with this quick and simple snowflake design?


  1. Protect the nail by applying a base coat and allow to dry
  2. Apply two coats of your chosen background colour and allow to dry
  3. Using a fine tip striping brush, create a 3 line white star as seen in the first picture
  4. Add a small inward facing arrow to each of the 6 points.
  5. Use a dotting tool to add a medium dot nearer the inner point and a small dot at the tip of each point.
  6. Apply an optional rhinestone to the centre of the design.
  7. Finally seal the design with a top coat and allow them to dry.

1 2 3
‘Frosty’ Nail Art Inspirations

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Beauty Bite: Winter Skin

11 Nov

Our skin requires all year round care, but what do we need to change in particular for the winter season. Do you find your skin is dry, dull and sometimes flaky? Be prepared to make some changes to your skin care essentials and daily routine during the colder months.

  • Cleanse: we want to keep hold of as much moisture as we can during the winter, so avoid oil stripping cleansers that may take away too much of our skins naturals oils by opting for a cream cleanser.
  • Sensitivity: with the constant change in temperature, battling with central heating and cold winds we need to be kind to our skin. Redness and sensitivity is much more common so why not try a range of products specifically for sensitive skins.
  • Mask: by giving your skin an extra 10 minutes more of your time, two times a week by applying a nourishing mask, you can reduce the effects of dry, flaky skin.
  • Serum: now is the time to invest in a serum if you have never used one before. Not only will they treat your skin, acting as an intense mask but they will provide an added barrier to external factors.
  • Moisturise: upgrade your current moisturiser to a richer, creamier one for that much needed all day hydration.

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Winter Skin

Beauty Bites: Spray Tanning

20 Oct

Spray tanning continues to increase in popularity and is a fast, effective way of achieving an all year round, safe tan.

At Opportunity Plus, we offer a fully accredited course in the art of spray tanning application. You’ll learn all of the knowledge behind the products and equipment, how to provide a safe treatment for your clients and learn the full practical application techniques.

Spray Tanning

Here are our top 5 reasons to offer a spray tanning service:

1. Mobility
From pop up tents to compact and lightweight spray machines, it has never been easier to provide a mobile spray tanning service.

2. Fast treatment time
A professional full body application can take as little time as 15-20 minutes to carry out.

3. Minimum equipment
To be able to offer a spray tanning service, you will require minimum products and equipment to get you going and will soon be able to make your money back.

4. Products to suit all
As well as a huge range of brands on the market (to name a few; Sunjunkie, Sienna X and Crazy Angel), spray tanning solutions vary in strength to suit both your clients skin tone and the end result they are looking for. Tanning treatments are a safe method of achieving that ‘sun kissed’ look without harmful UV rays.

5. Happy customers
With an all year round, affordable tan, what’s not to love?

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Beauty Bite: Autumn Nail Shades

8 Oct

Hello Autumn…

Now that our feet are creeping back into boots and we’re applying our make-up with the lights on in the morning, we asked the ladies in the office which manicure shades they’ll be opting for this autumn to give them an instant boost.

In no particular order, here are our top 5 favourites:

– deeper purples are a warmer choice and more suitable to autumn than lilac shades and once the festive season kicks in it’ll all be about RED!


Coffee – or ‘Brown’ if you prefer. We’ll be needing coffee in the office more than the smoothies/juices we’ve had all summer to get us going with the darker mornings. For those of you that still have a tan from your summer holiday, this shade will compliment it nicely.


Grey – opt for a darker shade; light grey is better suited when coming into spring. A subtle choice that will match any outfit colour.


Gold – for those of you that a bit more ‘WOW’ factor, opt for gold. Whether with metallic foils, glitter polish or added as nail art, you’ll be sparkling your way into the festive season.

4 5

Orange – not always a common choice and some would say too bright but the right shade could camouflage the autumn leaves.


Which shade will you be wearing this autumn?

If you would like to learn the art of ‘Nail Art’ contact us for information on our available courses. Contact us by email or call us on 0800 043 2440.

Beauty Bite: Skincare Routine

4 Sep


Steps to preparing your skin.

To achieve the best and long lasting results, it is important to prepare the face before make-up and other products are applied. Having a good daily routine will also maintain your skin’s health and vitality. Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to apply the following steps:

Step One: Cleanse.

If you’ve come to the end of your day, you need to remove the day’s make-up and debris from the surface of the skin. With your chosen cleanser (suitable to your own skin type) massage the skin for a couple of minutes using circular motions and rinse with warm water.

Step Two: Cleanse!

This is more important at the end of each day, after you have removed the initial make-up and debris. It will ensure your pores are fully cleansed, avoiding a build-up of blackheads and congestion. A second cleanse is generally not needed in the morning as you’ve removed make-up the night before.

Step Three: Never go to bed with your make-up on!

Step Four: Tone

Toning is often left out of a skin care routine, but it important to soothe and nourish after cleansing and to restore the skins natural pH balance. Apply toner by delicately patting the skin or using a spritz bottle.

Step Five: Moisturise

Last but not least, apply an appropriate moisturiser. Moisturising will keep your skin supple, protect for environmental factors and provide a smooth base for make-up. Apply an even amount, using upward strokes.

At Opportunity Plus, you can learn more about these skills and techniques within our make-up and face painting courses. Each course is tailored to suit your needs; whether you want to learn about everyday make-up, special occasion make-up or themed face painting to children’s face painting.

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