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The day to day reality of business start-up

5 May

Starting self-employment as a sole trader, whether it’s as a window cleaner or dog groomer is a long process but completely worth it! It can be hard to know what to expect in the early days so we have spoken to Ritchie, a self-employed car valeter to give us some tips.  

Raising funds:
Your new venture may require specific equipment or start-up essentials and you need to find a way to raise the funds. You might start off by selling unwanted personal goods (I’d recommend your games console as you’ll have less time to play it if you’re committed!) or by asking family and friends for support. There are always start-up loans and banks but I was pleasantly surprised by the help I received from those around me.

Gaining new custosprayingmers: No matter what kind of day you’re having or what mood you’re in you must remain polite and presentable with customers. Those first impressions are critical to spreading news of your business and building your customer base.  Never let a customer down by arriving late and remember there are always competitor’s ready to fill your place if you don’t give good service!

Constant commitment: When I’ve finished valeting a car I can’t just make my way down to the pub. I’ve got to think about completing my paper work, meeting new customers, replacing stock and cleaning my equipment. Then there are other duties that might not have been thought of such as visiting the bank, training, buying new equipment and keeping up with industry trends. Just stay on top of your tasks and you will see great reward.

Getting support: It’s ok to not know some aspects of business start-up and there is plenty of support available out there. There are sites such as the HMRC site or organisations like Opportunity Plus (www.opsw.co.uk) that can offer advice or guidance.

It may seem like a lot of work but I LOVE working for myself. I get to meet people from all walks of life, earn my own money and see my business grow. I’m constantly learning new skills and surprising myself without dreading Monday morning!

You get what you put in, persevere through the start-up phase and you will succeed!

Check out Ritchie’s website at http://www.carcareplus.co.uk/

Making the most of redundancy

19 Aug

Ritchie had been working as a Business Manager for an international company for a few years, when he found out that he was going to be made redundant.  Though the news was initially a shock, and incredibly worrying, he decided to see it as an opportunity to rethink his career plan.

He loved cars and being outside, and had always been a clean and tidy person, so he decided to start his own Car Valeting business.  A world away from his previous experience, but a role that would allow him more freedom and flexibility, be good fun, and keep him fit at the same time.

He undertook a training course to learn all the tricks of the trade, and then set up Car Care Plus.  His business is growing rapidly, and he is working with a range of businesses, as well as individuals, and building an excellent reputation for his business.  His professional experience, appearance and attitude make him the ideal choice for working in professional premises.

“Our vehicles are always cleaned and finished to the highest standard and the value for money is outstanding.  I would highly recommend CCP to all.  Especially handy whilst you are at work!”  Miss Laura Tejada, WA Consultants

If you run your own business, or are attending job interviews, having a well maintained car can help to cement that all important first impression for the customer or employer.

Get in touch with Ritchie on 07714687676 or email: info@carcareplus.co.uk.

You can also follow him on Facebook.