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Colour influences for your business

12 Nov

As autumn turns into winter and we say goodbye to the lovely autumnal colours, it’s worth having a think about the colours we use to promote our business.

Colours often have a profound subconscious effect on people, and this is definitely something to bear in mind when choosing logos, websites, leaflets and branding for your business, or even the colours you wear when conducting your business. Having an understanding of colours can give you a useful tool to get the best response to marketing and promotion.

Obviously you will want to choose colours that you like, and you certainly do not need to use a colour that you dislike – after all, you need to be passionate about every single part of your business. There is always more than one combination of colours that will suit and assist your needs. It is best to have more than 1 colour, but avoid having too many in the mix as they may cancel each other out.

Yellow is great for fun and products or services aimed at children. It keeps people moving. It’s not advisable to use it forcolourwheel expensive products or if you are trying to convey stability.

Orange depicts adventure, risk taking and confidence. It stimulates appetite and conversation. It has a create flair, but consider using it sparingly if you have a high-end product or service, as it can also be cheap and superficial.

Red is the colour of passion, energy and excitement. It is an action colour. It can also be domineering and aggressive, so think about whether it will suit your target customer.

Pink is caring, sensitive and emotional and often represents love and romance. It is useful for attracting a feminine market, but can depict passion and energy in its more vibrant, deeper shades. It could also appear immature or girly.

Purple represents wealth, extravagance and fantasy. It is a very creative colour and can be used to denote a high-end product or service, but it can also appear aloof, arrogant and impractical.

Blue is the colour of reliability, trust and confidence. It is can depict a dependable business image, and is often used for technology, education and cleaning businesses. It may not work for the food industry, as there are few naturally occurring blue foods. Depending on the shade you use, it could be perceived as too conservative if your target customer group is young and modern.

Green is associated with growth, nature and money. It can appear nurturing and practical, with flexibility. It can depict something new and fresh, depending on the shade. Be wary of dull, olive shades as these can be quite negative. Green can also be seen negatively as greed and selfishness.

There is a lot of information out there on the psychology of colours and how they can help to market your business. It is worth taking a little time to do your research and decide what works best for you and your business before you spend money on a website, leaflet or even business card. http://jasonathen.com/color-meanings-in-business/

Sales for your start-up

4 Sep

There are many ways to sell your product or service, whether that’s online, over the phone or face to face and you need to make sure you’re getting the right message across to your potential customers.

Although sometimes you may want to shy away from direct selling, it is extremely effective if you can engage them in your product. Selling and sales techniques can be found call over the internet and in various books. There is no set way to sell something though and it really does come down to you as a person and the way you interact with others. Some will choose a more pushy approach where ‘no’ will not be accepted where as others will be more laid back and let their personalities do the selling. It’s your business and therefore you choose the approach you want take.

A good way of thinking about your sales tactics is to picture the scenario if the roles were reversed. If someone approached you with this product what would grab your attention? Another approach is to think about what NOT to do. There are certain actions which can jeopardize your chances of making a sale and it would be best to avoid them.

As an alternative way of preparing your strategy we have made a quiz – where for the most part, we want you to think about the worst ways to sell and use this is a ground step for creating your sales pitch.


If you would like more information or are thinking about coming self-employed please get in touch on info@opsw.co.uk or 0800 043 2440

Body Shop Party

15 Mar

Volunteering in Health are hosting a Body Shop Party on Thursday 20th March to raise funds and awareness.  The party starts at 7pm at The Roundel Club, Station Road, Teignmouth.  To find out more, call 01626 774484 or email vicki@volunteeringinhealth.co.uk

Have you considered Direct Sales?  It is one of the easiest ways to start your own business as you have the backing of a well known brand, and can be great for building your confidence.  Read more about four Mums who have benefitted from doing Direct Sales here.  Find out more about becoming a consultant for The Body Shop at Home here.

Direct Sales: Pampered Chef

1 Oct

Pampered Chef is another example of a Direct Sales company.  Consultants come to your home (or workplace, school, youth club, day centre, etc) and do a cooking show where they showcase their products whilst creating lovely nibbles for your guests.

Caroline Cannon is Mum to Jack, 3, and became a Pampered Chef consultant in October 2011.  She also works part time in Customer Services.

Pampered chef is an American company that was founded in 1980. It offers high quality kitchenware and tools and is sold through the party plan (like Tupperware, Ann Summers).  It offers hosts amazing incentives for having a party; consultants (like myself) are incentivised and rewarded for selling the goods and people that buy the products are investing in amazing superior kitchenware that will not leave anyone disappointed.

I was recruited at a Pampered Chef party hosted by a friend. It’s not something I would ever have dreamed of doing but I love it. I love the flexibility, meeting new people, my new cooking skills and newly acquired confidence.

When my director (who was the consultant at the party I attended) talked about extra money and ‘how £50 was a lot of money you could earn instead of watching the TV instead of an evening’ I realised this was a real opportunity I should grab.

It instantly appealed to me and I haven’t looked back since. It’s an excellent way of meeting new people and will give you a confidence you probably never knew you had!

There are monthly meetings and these introduce to you all the other consultants in the area and there is always a cooking show. It’s a great way to see how others might do a cooking show and everyone is always very friendly.  My experience in going to these meetings is finding out about everyone else and their story about getting into Pampered chef. There are many who used it as a stepping stone to get back into work after having children. And this is massively successful. Having children seems to lower women’s confidence and it can take a while to build this back up. I can honestly say that the women I meet now are so confident and love what they do.

How much you want to work is entirely up to you. You can choose to pursue it as career, and indeed a very successful one at that.  Or you could do what I do and hold one or two parties a month.

I am more than happy to talk to anyone about Pampered Chef, and if you want to discuss anything please don’t hesitate to call me on 07810 501385 or you can email at carolinecannon.pamperedchef@yahoo.co.uk

Direct Sales: Usborne Books

24 Sep

Direct Sales is a great way to start out in self employment, especially for Mums.  It is completely flexible and all the hard work is done for you – your customers generally already know and love the brand and its products, you just have to go out and sell them!  There are so many companies now offering these positions (Pampered Chef, Neal’s Yard Organics, Craft Superstore, Avon, Kleeneze, Usborne Books, Body Shop to name a few), you are bound to find one that sells products that you are passionate about and can enjoy selling.  You can set your own hours and targets, you might do three parties a week, or one a month – it’s down to you.

This is Anita’s story.  She is a Mum of two who also works part time.

Usborne at home is the award-winning direct sales division of Usborne publishing. I started working as an Usborne organiser in Exeter a few months ago. The job revolves around selling children’s books from home and hosting book parties (for yourself and others). I am a mum of 2 and already work part time but I needed to find a way to boost my income. Direct sales was a good option as it has very flexible hours. You can even take your kids along with you when you are hosting book parties so this saves on childcare. I love their children’s books and also meeting other people so the work is enjoyable. It doesn’t always feel like work because parties can take the form of coffee mornings, playdates or even an evening with wine and nibbles! And my kids have benefited from lots of free books. The easy bit: no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm. There are no minimum sales targets so you can work as little or as much as you like. It is not difficult to make sales because you have access to Usborne’s full range of great titles. You earn at least £1 for every £4 of books you sell. The party host, which can be yourself, also earns lots of free books (initially 20% of total sales plus a book of the month). If you progress to team leader then you also get generous bonuses based on the sales of your team members. You can even get your own Usborne website and break into online sales. The hard bit: you will need to network enthusiastically in order to book lots of parties and qualify for the best bonuses. Your only outlay is £38 for the starter pack – this contains great sample books and all the stationary you need to start selling. This is actually a bit of a bonus because the books RRP at £150! Usborne will refund this if you sell well. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for people trying to get back into employment, especially parents with young children.

If you would like to find out more about joining my team, would like to host a party, or would like to come along to one of my parties to see what it’s all about then please call Anita on 07863165724 or email anitawood76@yahoo.co.uk