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Welfare Reform

1 Aug

Last week I attended a meeting on Welfare Reform.  Although there is still much to be decided and actual rates have not yet been set, it was good to get an update on the plans for the not-so-distant future.  Everything should be a lot simpler when the Universal Credit comes into play – if you have a change in your circumstances there is just one place to get in touch with, and rather than waiting on hold for hours you will actually be able to update your own information online.  The other really great thing is that it will take away the risk of taking on short-term employment or having an income which isn’t the same each week or month – you (and even your employer) can update your income monthly and your benefits will change accordingly, avoiding over- or under-payments of benefits.

If you’re not sure what benefits you are entitled to, or want to see what you could be entitled to if you start work or self employment, take a look at the Benefits Adviser Service.