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Direct Sales: Usborne Books

24 Sep

Direct Sales is a great way to start out in self employment, especially for Mums.  It is completely flexible and all the hard work is done for you – your customers generally already know and love the brand and its products, you just have to go out and sell them!  There are so many companies now offering these positions (Pampered Chef, Neal’s Yard Organics, Craft Superstore, Avon, Kleeneze, Usborne Books, Body Shop to name a few), you are bound to find one that sells products that you are passionate about and can enjoy selling.  You can set your own hours and targets, you might do three parties a week, or one a month – it’s down to you.

This is Anita’s story.  She is a Mum of two who also works part time.

Usborne at home is the award-winning direct sales division of Usborne publishing. I started working as an Usborne organiser in Exeter a few months ago. The job revolves around selling children’s books from home and hosting book parties (for yourself and others). I am a mum of 2 and already work part time but I needed to find a way to boost my income. Direct sales was a good option as it has very flexible hours. You can even take your kids along with you when you are hosting book parties so this saves on childcare. I love their children’s books and also meeting other people so the work is enjoyable. It doesn’t always feel like work because parties can take the form of coffee mornings, playdates or even an evening with wine and nibbles! And my kids have benefited from lots of free books. The easy bit: no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm. There are no minimum sales targets so you can work as little or as much as you like. It is not difficult to make sales because you have access to Usborne’s full range of great titles. You earn at least £1 for every £4 of books you sell. The party host, which can be yourself, also earns lots of free books (initially 20% of total sales plus a book of the month). If you progress to team leader then you also get generous bonuses based on the sales of your team members. You can even get your own Usborne website and break into online sales. The hard bit: you will need to network enthusiastically in order to book lots of parties and qualify for the best bonuses. Your only outlay is £38 for the starter pack – this contains great sample books and all the stationary you need to start selling. This is actually a bit of a bonus because the books RRP at £150! Usborne will refund this if you sell well. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for people trying to get back into employment, especially parents with young children.

If you would like to find out more about joining my team, would like to host a party, or would like to come along to one of my parties to see what it’s all about then please call Anita on 07863165724 or email anitawood76@yahoo.co.uk