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Ten Tips for Working from Home

10 Dec

Working from home is a dream shared by many – the thought of that extra time in bed, no road rage, no waiting for the bus – it’s easy to see why!  With the growth of the Internet it is becoming easier to work from home at least some of the time.  But it’s not always everything it’s cracked up to be – whilst you might at first love the idea of extra time with your family, it can be hard to concentrate and achieve what you need to with children around.  Here are my Top Ten Tips for making working from home work for you.

1 – Create a workspace for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be an office, it might just be your kitchen table.  Get everything you need ready and remove anything that’s not work related.  If you’ve got family members at home, make sure they know that this is your work area and they shouldn’t disturb you there.

2 – Get dressed as if you were going to the office.  Working in your pyjamas might sound like a dream come true, but it can be hard to get into the right mindset when you’re not dressed the part.

3 – Set aside proper time for work – don’t just squeeze in what you can when your baby is taking a nap – set yourself proper hours and stick to them.  Make sure your family know your hours too and don’t disturb you when you are in work mode.

4 – Wash up before you start.  Whether you’re working from your kitchen table or an office two floors away, when you’re struggling with your work, housework can suddenly look like a very attractive prospect!

5 – Take a lunch break.  Set a proper time for your lunch break and use the time to relax and switch off from work.  Try to get out for a walk if you can.

6 – See people!  Working from home can get lonely so arrange to meet a friend for a coffee, go for a networking meeting, or go and meet a client as often as you can.

7 – Choose your hours to suit you and your customers.  If you know you work best in the morning, get up early, work, and then enjoy your free time in the early evening.  If you struggle to get up, start later and enjoy that lie in!  But remember that you need to make sure that your hours fit with your customers’ needs.

8 – Be organised.  Keep a To Do list and take great pleasure in crossing things off it when they’re done!

9 – Set yourself targets and reward yourself when you meet them.  It might just be treating yourself to a biscuit once you’ve sent that tricky email, or it could be buying that jumper you’ve had your eye on for ages after you’ve made a big sale.

10 – Make the most of working from home!  Remind yourself why it appealed to you in the first place and make sure you are still getting that benefit.  So if you wanted more time with your family, make sure you are spending that time with your family and not just working longer hours.  If you wanted lie ins, don’t start work before ten unless you have to.  If you wanted to save on travel costs then make sure you’re not spending the same money driving around visiting customers all the time.

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